At Metaform all information is vital. It allows itself to be driven by context, creativity and technology but also as much by dialogue with the users and clients. As an architecture practice we aim to be as cross-disciplinary and are eclectic as possible in how it sources intelligence. We likes to be transparent in our methods, even opening up the whole process of how we work on a project and what we achieve, or sometimes don’t achieve.

Naresh Narasimhan


Naresh V Narasimhan is best known for his association with Venkataramanan Associates ( – an award-winning architecture firm that saw a meteoric rise under his leadership. However as architect, urbanist, activist and creative entrepreneur his contri­bution to urban development has been even more far-reaching.

Naresh studied archi­tecture at Manipal Institute of Technology, Project Appraisal & Risk Management at Har­vard and maintains a healthily eclectic work-style. His interests range from socio-economic modeling, knowledge-sharing and communication strategies to cinema, art appreciation and popular culture. Naresh is a prolific speaker having been invited to lecture at several events nationally and internationally.






Dhiraj Chilakapaty

DhirajA dynamic person by nature, Dhiraj has a strong foothold in concept design. He graduated with B.Arch from Jawaharlal Nehru Technology University, Hyderabad (2009) and M.Arch  from Barcelona Institute of Architecture in 2012.









Alexandre Bresson

 AlexAlexandre studied architecture in France and Romania before graduating from the National Superior School of Architecture in Versailles [FRANCE] in 2011. An avid globetrotter, curious, and always eager for new experience–he decided to move in India after working in two Parisian studios which specialized in cultural and medical building design.