Experience Bengaluru is a dynamic space which focuses on the visions and realities of cities.
Concentrating Bengaluru, it will create an evolving repository of various urban practices around the world that will inform the shaping of Bengaluru in a better way.

How does one experience a city,and how does another? what does one want a city to be, and what does another?

“If an image is to have value for orientation in the living space, it must have several qualities. It must be sufficient, true in a pragmatic sense, allowing the individual to operate within his environment to the extent desired. The map, whether exact or not, must be good enough to get one home.”
Kevin Lynch
Image of the city

The city as a whole

“If we consider these globally networked spaces of centrality as platforms for global operations of firms and markets, we might ask what components of these platforms are contained within a given city-region. Finally, it is noteworthy that these platforms cut across national boundaries. They are amalgamations of specific sub-national geographic spaces but also transnational electronic spaces.”
Saskia Sassen
Urban India understanding the maximum city


The city is not a singular entity,it is a complex chemistry of many aspirations and actions. The mapping of a city should be
able to reflect this complexity in its most explicit nature and therefore aN open ended model is essential to represent the city.


Yantra is an exhibit mapping Bengaluru through various lenses and scales creating a composite guide to
experience the city. It will be made of various models, screens, objects and dioramas.

Layered City

“The space in which we live, which draws us out of ourselves, in which the erosion of our lives. our time and our history occurs, the space that claws and gnaws at us, is also, in itself, a heterogeneous space. In other words, we do not live in a kind of void, inside of which we could place individuals and things. We do not live inside a void that could be colored with diverse shades of light, we live inside a set of relations that delineates sites which are irreducible to one another and absolutely not superimposable on one another.”
Michel Foucault. Of Other Spaces (1967), Heterotopias.










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